Unlock the potential of historical imagery archives

Archival material used as image overlays become part of the interpretive experiences of historical locations


Historical photographs may be integrated with preset views of digital reconstructions, reproducing probable original viewpoints of old photographs in the virtual environment. Providing a sense of place and context, it offers an opportunity to reinterpret the history behind the image.

Historical documents geo-positioned on maps promote the interpretation and understanding of archival resources


Historical maps and old aerial photographs are perfectly suited to be included in virtual tours, and the overlay on present day configuration of terrain brings new perspectives to the interpretation of historical pathways, battlefield layouts, urban settlements, and other man-made or natural features.

Overlays on 3D virtual environments facilitate the understanding of historical site evolution and future planning


Present day views can be paired with historical photographs in ‘then-now’ compositions. Images are revealed or hidden through an interactive interface, revealing changes in buildings and landscapes over time. The feature is also available for mobile websites and apps.